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Delivery and transportation of yachts


Together with our partners we offer not only process of buying a boat, but also a boat transportation service.
Our team of experts will help you to find a perfect boat that suits your needs and requirements. We take you for a test drive and inspection of the vessel. We are here as your legal and technical support. We will help you in every step of the buying process including transfer of ownership. 
You can have full confidence on our team and their commitment to you and your need.

1. Where a boat delivery can be done?

● A boat delivery can be done everywhere

2. Is there a possibility for delivering  boat outside of Croatia?

● Yes

3. Is there a company specialized for a boat delivery?

● Not in Croatia but along the route through the country there are several companies offering boat transport service by land and by boat (yacht-transport).

4. What ways of delivery/transport are possible?

● Depending on the size of the vessel and the length of transport, but the most often way is sailing, if it is possible two crew persons go on a board and sail to the port of transportation or transport is performed by land , if the dimensions of the vessel allows transportation with some land transport.

5. What size of vessels may be provided with land transportation and what size of vessels can be delivered only by sea transport?

● Usually boats over  9 m length are transported by special land transport service, or they are transported by sea.

6. Is it necessary to pay VAT in Croatia or in a country where  it will be transported, if a boat is going outside the country?

● If it is on foreign flag then not

● If it is on Croatian flag then VAT is already paid