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Leasing and credit


Our experts will advise you about financing. They will explain the tax options for buying the boat and gove some practical details such as the top banks, tax advisers, etc.
The vessel can be paid in cash, credit and leasing.

1. Can non residents of Croatia get a loan/leasing?

● No, only for Croatian residents.

● Loan/leasing can be offer to:

■ companies, small companies and freelancers

■ Citizens

■ Local authorities

2. What type of documentation is necessary for getting leasing?

● Solvency of legal or fisical persons

3. Process of buying a boat in a loan/leasing

● To start a process of buying a boat in leasing first a client should select a boat and then make

an offer which must include:

■ cost for boat registration

■ boat type

■ the status of the legal benefits

■ technical specifications

■ year of production

■ for used ships it must be indicated a year of production and hours of operation

● Client needs to collect all necessary information and submit them to the chosen bank

● Once the loan is tested and approved for lease, the lease holder is coming to sign a contract, then the bank requires payment of the costs of processing the contract and security deposit / advance (or with participation) and premium insurance. With the payment of agreed contractual obligations all obligations are passed to the seller.

● The lease holder must sign a record of a boat delivery, take a boat and do the registration

● Insurance and standard instruments for payment:

■ For all companies - bonds and promissory notes and guarantees of the owner / director

■ For individuals, or citizens - promissory notes, debentures

■ It is important that each vessel has a comprehensive insurance policy

4. Is it possible for a person who is not from EU take a boat into a loan / leasing?

● No, he/she can't. Only Croatian residents can.

5. What is maximum period for paying back loan/leasing?

● a maximum period is  60 months - 84 months (7 years) in some cases

6. Leasing: payment term?

● that is depending on a bank, level of deposit, type of insurance

● The annual, quarterly and monthly

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