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Yacht and catamaran insurance


Getting boat insurance is something that a lot of people never consider. However, in order to properly protect yourself and your guests, it is definitely needed.
Another common item that is covered by boat insurance is personal property. Think about all of the things that you might have with you on your boat. Some people have stereo systems and televisions on their boat as well. There are a lot of things that you can take with you and all of them can be covered with a good boat insurance policy.
Boat insurance can save you a lot of money in an unfortunate situation.

Insurance gives you the security of liability claims in the event of an accident.

 The types of insurance and the amount of insurance depends on many factors.

Our team will help you find a reputable insurance company to insure your yacht or catamaran.

​W​e will help you to fulfill your insurance policy.

Examples of ​i​nsurance:

  • For you and your boat:
  • The damage to their boats: the hull, sails, machinery, furniture, motor and trailer ...
  • Only responsibility
  • The new replacement ship
  • The notional amount of troops
  • Actual value
  • Responsibility fuel spill
  • Medical payments
  • Rescue coverage and wreck removal


  • For others:
  • Damage to other ship
  • Damage to other property caused by your boat
  • Death of another person/​Personal injury 


1. What kind of obligation a vessel owner has regarding insurance?

● Croatian legislature issued a law under which vessels should be obligatory insured against

skipper responsibility for damage to the swimmers and scuba divers up to the limit of  amount set by


● Obligatory insurance to other people(Third parties):

● According to the Law of Obligatory Traffic Insurance (NN 151/05., NN 36/09., NN 5/09., NN 76/13., NN 152/14) obligations of the owners of the motor boat or yacht with the driving forces

motors over  15 kW are to insure against liability for damage caused to other people (Third parties). Ensured amount is determined by the Law of Compulsory Traffic Insurance and amounts is  3.500,000,00 Kn .

Based on the insurance policy any damages under the provisions of the regulations on the Compensation of responsibility shall be reimbursed, if during the use of boats or yachts listed in the insurance liability happened some body injury, helth damage or death of other persons (Third parties).

● Other persons (Third parties) are not considered to be persons who are on the boat or yacht, which caused damage.

● Yacht insurance also covers liability for damages that are caused by people who  work for the owners use the boat or yacht, as well as persons who sail by boat or yacht.

● Insurance is provided for the navigation through the territorial sea, internal water  and

Croatian territorial water, unless otherwise is agreed.

● compulsory insurance premium is between 180.00 kn and  1,020.00 kn depending on the engine power and on the purpose of vessels

● There are three basic categories for the purpose of vessels:

- for the personal needs and public purposes

-for the commercial purposes

-commercial purposes (charter).

2. Are there some kind of insurance packages (non-standard) that include:

- Fire insurance, furniture  insurance,medical insurance for the staff, insurance on delivery? Is

there approximate price of package/individual insurance?

● There are insurance package, some of them are included in the comprehensive insurance, such as fire insurance, furniture insurance furniture...

● As part of the insurance package for vessel it can be arranged:

- boat insurance during the rental (charter)

- insurance risk for loss of income

- insurance risk of confiscation of the boat

- insurance of passengers and crew personal things

- insurance of vessels land transportation

- obligatory insurance of passengers in public transport for consequence of accidents

- voluntary insurance of the crew and passengers for consequence of accidents

- insurance of drive damage

● Crew insurance of an accident is to ensure the skipper, the crew and passengers of financial consequence of the accident, and covers all the costs of permanent disability, death no matter who caused the accident and even includes the cost of the rescue.

● The cost of each additional package depends on the package type, vessel type and size.

3. "Casco" boat insurance

● Boat or yacht can be ensured only while is signed in the register of the harbourmaster's office and while it has valid certificate for sailing. The difference between the insurance of boats and yachts insurance: at boat insurance, damages on the drive machine are not covered (also can be added),but at the yachts insurance they are covered.  Anyway, Casco insurance coveres hull of boat or yacht and all equipment on it, such as: (ropes, chains, sails, oars, rudder,etc).  Boat and yacht insurance provides the most commonly by A), B) or C) Rules:

A – Full coverage: total loss, expenses and reward for rescue, partial damage within the insured

risks (eg, navigation(sail)  accidents, thunder lightening, tidal waves, earthquakes, fires, explosions, accidents at the launching,burglary, stealing of vessel, inattention of maintenance, accidents on

boarding / moving cargo / fuel etc.), with specified exclusions

B - full coverage for total loss, costs and rewards for rescue with specified exclusions +

partial damage or loss in a fire, explosions, thunder lightening, tidal waves, earthquakes,

burglary, plunder and piracy

C – insurance of totaly loss - narrowed (excluding the steal  of the entire vessel, plunder and piracy)

5. How much "casco" insurance costs?

●  "Casco" insurance is not mandatory. Price depends on the vessel type and size.

6. What documents are neccesary for boat insurance?

● Vessel registration form (all info are written)