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In our offer we have mega and motor yachts. Mega yachts usually refers to a yachts over 23 m in length. Yachts have  professionally trained crew, extra complementary features and  luxury living area. They are generally custom made. Luxury, style  and elegance are words that describe  these yachts.
When you charter one of them you enjoy the journey in luxury  furnished  home. The professional crew is separated from the rest of the crew , but always at your disposal to fulfill all your wishes.
Mega yachts are much more expensive than other, but they can justify the price with their offer.
Motor yachts are the easiest to manage .They are fast and prefect choice for shorter routs. If you don't have experience  in managing and controling the yacht, then we recommend hiring a skipper.  
Depending on the size and model, motor yacht provide you with all necessary features for a pleasure cruising. You can approach areas that you can not with a sailing yacht because of their shallow draft .
Motor yacht  gives you excitement, comfort and speed ! Motor yachts are comfortable, but some smaller  models aren't made to accommodate so many people. Larger models  have plenty of room.
There are also mega yachts, they provide speed ride on short routs and they can give a comfort with exceptional  performance.